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About us
Barcelona Weddings is composed of team of young talents, eager to develop their creativity.

Barcelona Weddings is composed of a team of young persons eager to develop their creativity with a great dose of sensitivity. They aspire to carry our projects in a different and unique way.
The professionals that compose the team have always maintained high quality standards in diverse fields such as advertisment and design. Our added value is our vision of the reality from a creative perspective adapted to the aesthetic of the moment.

Our studio is a modern and attractive workplace with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, essential to process the details of your report. The good results are the reflection of an enthusiastic, dedicated and professional team who is able to offer innovative and unique products. GMKs work definition is what makes its identity, differenciate itsellf and what value the most our customers.

At Barcelona Weddings we help you choose the best creative option. In these case, our experience and the creative features guarantee the quality of the general project which has been previously studied. We strive to add value to each of our projects, especially in the world of photography and video where the author is the one one that guarantee the works originality and identity.

Beyond its documentary and its memory-related functions, Barcelona Weddings' works are valued by their authors who succeed in making the weddings something to remember: the intensity of the moment.

In order to guarantee your satisfaction on each project, our team elaborate a detailed project plan as from our first personal interview with you to our presentation of the final product. Through our creative process we organize the photo shoot, the design, the touching up and framing of the works thanks to a very experienced and specialized professional team in each area.

In any circumstances Barcelona Weddingss results will always stand out for the authenticity and the originality of the work carried out by its highly qualified team covering the different areas. We offer our professionalism to the people who value quality, design and originality. Turning pictures into unique memories is our main challenge. Nothing out of this would be possible without you. Thank you.

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